About Us

Community Choices, Inc. is a non-profit agency that was founded on behalf of the developmentally disabled adult citizens who reside in our communities. We serve approximately 120 individuals residentially and about 100 vocationally. Our goal is to assist the people we support in achieving their needs, desires, and dreams in a positive and caring atmosphere. We encourage each person we support to become a productive member of society through work and leisure activities within the average community setting. We wish to give the people we support dignity and respect by encouraging positive feelings and attitudes within the community. We believe that this will ensure growth and give them a better quality of life. Community Choices values the opinions and requests of the people we support, and uses these when developing a service plan (goals and objectives, jobs, leisure activities, etc.).

Our Mission:
At Community Choices, our mission is to provide activities that encourage the development and maintenance of each person we support's personal, social, recreational, home and community living skills. We believe that we can achieve this by focusing on each person's abilities rather than their disability.

Our Vision:
Our vision is to continue to be the premier provider, serving and meeting the needs of the people we support. As an agency, we will provide a comfortable home setting, to uphold and advocate for the rights of the individuals, and educate each individual on their rights. Community Choices' priority is to promote justice, equality, freedom, inclusion, choice, and respect for each person served. Community Choices supports self-determination and promotes empowerment.

Community Choices was founded in 1998 by two brothers, Thomas and Robert, who merged their respective companies: For-You, Inc., founded in 1981, and Living Concepts, founded in 1988. Throughout the years, Community Choices' focus has been on each individual's abilities and how to help them become a part of their respective communities. Our goal has always been to help each person become the best they can be and to achieve their wants and needs.

Prior to forming their respective companies, each of the directors worked in the field as direct care paraprofessionals. Together with their administrative support, Community Choices has approximately 150 years of combined experience and education working with this diverse population.